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PART THREE OF THREE: Legal sports gambling could put NCAA athletes at risk

Sports betting That’s what the kids don’t understand.” Then there’s the topic of how prevalent sports betting is on college campuses. A 2016 NCAA study of nearly 23,000 student-athletes found 55 percent of men reported gambling for money and 24 percent reported violating NCAA bylaws by wagering on sports for money. Eleven percent of Division I football players and 5 percent of men’s basketball players reported betting on a college game in their sport (not involving their team). “If colleges truly did not want gambling, they would lobby to make all gambling lines on college sports illegal,” said David Ridpath, an associate professor of sports management at Ohio University. “It has to be an either-or, not just, ‘Hey it’s illegal, we know it is going on and, man, we make a ton of cash but we can look the other way.’” Ridpath spent seven years in athletic compliance at Marshall University and Weber State University. He described gambling safeguards in place at the time as whack-a-mole. He said schools used in-person education, newsletters, emails and specific educational moments during high potential gambling times such as March Madness. Purdue Athletic Director Mike Bobinski told CNHI the school already discusses gambling and point shaving with student-athletes, but he said they’ll have to be more diligent, comprehensive and intentional moving forward in order to protect integrity. “Once you lose that, you’re shot,” Bobinski told CNHI.

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